As a company we have chosen to use Canadian hard wood as the main component for our tap handles. By stepping away from resin tap handles we are are now producing a product that is renewable and much less harmful to the environment. After an exhaustive search we were able to partner with a Canadian company that has the same values as we do. They are very proud to have their Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. Click here for more information.


In the past we used to out source a lot of our products to China. We are proud to say that we have now brought back all of our production to Canada and are using only North American products to produce our handles. This helps create jobs in the Columbia Valley and also reduces our carbon footprint because we are not shipping products across great distances. An added bonus is that we now have far greater control over our supply chain. That’s how we can make tap handles so quickly. In some cases over night. 


Now we have taken it a step further. We have now partnered with One Tree Planted. They are a non-profit company that helps individuals and companies help the environment by planting trees on their behalf. We have committed to planting 1 tree for every 20 hands we produce. These trees will be planted in our home province of British Columbia.


On orders of 200 handles or more we would be happy to have the trees planted closer to your brewery in possible. 


We are committed to changing the way the beer industry looks at tap handles. We are constantly looking for ways to make things more affordable and sustainable so we can all enjoy the rewards of the beautiful industry.