• Taster Trays or Beer Flight?

    2019 Sep 25th

    Taster Trays or Beer Flight?

    There is nothing better than a tray full of beer, carefully chosen (or not) to sample the wares of the local brewery. But where did the term “beer flight” come from?Flight, in old school terms, is a c…

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  • Sandwich Boards

    2019 Sep 16th

    Sandwich Boards

    Sandwich boards have been around since the 13th century, either named for their design (a board on the front, a board on the back - like a sandwich) or named because they were first seen in the town o…

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  • Coasters are MORE than just Coasters

    2019 Apr 1st

    Coasters are MORE than just Coasters

    A coaster is not JUST a coaster.Besides being a convenient little protector for your table surface, it more importantly doubles as an advertising space. In addition, a coaster triples as a drink cover…

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  • Tap Handle Toppers

    2019 Mar 29th

    Tap Handle Toppers

    Where would you be without your head?Tap Handles don't require a topper, but if it makes your tap handle that much cooler, why wouldn't you add it?We can customize any topper to your already custom ta…

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  • How To Order from

    2019 Mar 21st

    How To Order from

    How do I order my custom tap handles from!1. Choose your desired tap handle shape.2. Prepare your artwork by using the provided template for the tap handle shape you have chose…

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  • How to Install a Tap Handle

    2019 Mar 3rd

    How to Install a Tap Handle

    Beer faucets and beer tap handles: How does the tap handle get onto the faucet? Screwing a tap handle onto a beer faucet may not be as simple as you thought.I had never worked a beer faucet before in…

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