How To Order

Step 1: Choose from our large selection of handle shapes. All of our handles start as either white, black or clear coated Canadian hard wood. 


The most popular is the white handles as it produces the most vibrant prints. When we print on black or the clear coated wood we have to first print a white layer and then add the color over top. On a black handle this white layer is not completely opaque so the color are not as vibrant 

 img-4041.jpeg     img-4059.jpeg

These were actually printed on a white handle. This allows us to get vibrant colours.


Step 2: Download your template. 

We provide PDF templates for all 3 base colors for each handle style. You will find them in the description in the middle of the page.

Using a graphics program like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw you can use these to create your custom tap handle. If you want a complete flood of color or background please add a 1/8” bleed or 3mm. 

*When designing please use CMYK as that is how we print. 

*As much as possible please use vector based artwork as the print are much crisper that way. But we are fine with printing just about anything.

After you are done designing, save it as a pdf and covert all the fonts to paths.

Note: If you have a graphic that wraps around a corner we may not be able to line it up precisely. Due to the natural nature of wood all pieces are slightly different due to the sanding process. Below are some examples of what can be done. 


Note: If you do not have access to a graphics program you can use our online designer by clicking here. The first 3 handle designs allow you to design your own handle by clicking “customize” on the page. Click Here

Note: You will notice that some templates have the word “DECAL” on them. This is to signify that this area will be printed on a decal and applied. This is because our printer can only print on products 6” tall or less. So the tops of handles cannot be direct printed. With this in mind, there can be color differences between the direct print and decal because they are different machines. 

These are examples of decals. The top of the Black Hog handle is a decal and the wrap around the top circle is a decal.

img-4032.jpeg   img-3955.jpeg 

If your order is 30 or more we are happy to help with your design free of charge.


Step 3: Place your order and upload your artwork and wait for us to send you back a proof. We usually have a proof back to you within the same day unless it is a weekend or Canadian holiday.


Step 4: Approve your artwork.


Step 5: Wait. For smaller orders we take 1-3 days. For larger orders of up to 50 it is about 5 business days. We are the quickest in the world and proud of it.


Step 6: Shipping. We normally use Canada Post as we have found they are the most consistent. Depending on your location it is 2-7 business days.




What is your minimum order?

1 is our minimum. You will see a price chart in the deception of each handle. As you buy more they get cheaper. The lowest we go is $19.99 Canadian  

How fast can we get them?

We are proud to say that we are the quickest int he industry. Most orders take no more than 5 days after proof approval. There are a lot of cases where we get them out in 1 to 2 days. 


What are your handles made from?

We use ethically sourced hard woods from Quebec Canada. Typically maple or birch. Our supplier is proud to have Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. 

As a company we are committed to replacing what we use. That is why we are a part fo the One Tree Planted program. For every 20 handles we produce we have one tree planted here in British Columbia. 


Are your prints durable?

Extremely! we use the newest UV ink technology. Our machines lay down the ink and then it is UV cured for a rock hard finish. The base paints we use are a high quality water based lacquer.


Can you print decals to go on the handles?

Yes, we actually own another company called Sticker Nut. We make 1000’s of stickers a day so it is easy for us to do. For the tap handles we have two specialty products. We have an extremely sticker sticker for a permanent hold. This one we also add a laminate to make them extra durable. We have tested it in a dishwasher and the stickers hold up great. We also make semi removable decals the can be easily replaced without leaving glue behind. These are great for changing beer styles.


What else can you do to make our handles stand out?

We have a few inexpensive ways. Our most popular is the embossed printing. Our machines have a very unique feature that allows us to print raised areas to give the handle texture. Think of printing a beer mug and actually being able to feel the water droplets.

 img-3599.jpeg img-3623.jpeg


We can also add plexiglass toppers. These are laser cut and direct printed. They can really make a handle stand out. (these are not structural so we do not suggest grabbing them when pulling a beer)

We can also make plexiglass embellishments to give a handle some dimension. 

img-3637.jpeg   img-3926.jpeg

Can I get chalkboard on my handle?

Absolutely. We use a synthetic chalkboard vinyl. It last longer and is easier to clean. If you want this just mark it on your proof “Chalkboard area”

560f3cd0-abef-4362-9775-eebd65b37e01.jpeg  cc061cf4-8137-4ee6-ac8f-858ba493173b.jpeg

Do they have ferrules?

Yes, most come with a chrome external ferrule. They are a few short handles that we use an internal ferrule. The threads in the are the North American standard 3/16” course thread.