How To Order

Step 1: Choose from our large selection of tap handle shapes. All of our handles start as either white, black or clear coated, sanded smooth finish Canadian hard wood. 

*Check out "Easy Handles" if you do not have artwork and would like to add your own text.

*You can also check out the "Design Your Own" on the Easy Handle page. This allows you to use our online design software to design your own custom handle with your own artwork. After you submit your order we always check it over and send you a proof before printing.


We suggest white handles for the most vibrant prints. When we print on black or clear coated wood we have to print a white base layer and then add the colour over top. On a black handle, the white layer is not completely opaque so the colours are not as vibrant.

 img-4041.jpeg     img-4059.jpeg

(The handles in the picture below were printed on a white handle. The colours are more vibrant than above.)


Step 2: Download your template. 

We provide PDF templates for all 3 base colours for each handle style. You will find them in the description in the middle of the page.

Using a graphics program like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, you can create your custom tap handle.

*If you want a complete flood of colour or background please add a 1/8” or 3mm bleed. 

*When designing please use CMYK. 

*Use vector based artwork to get the best print, but we are able to print anything (preferably a DPI over 72). We will let you know if the quality is not good enough.

When you are done designing, save it as a pdf and convert all the fonts to paths.

Note: If you have a graphic that wraps around a corner, we may not be able to line it up precisely. Due to the nature of wood and sanding process, all pieces are slightly different. Below are some examples of what can be done. 


Note: If you do not have access to a graphics program you can design your own handle. Click Here and choose your tap handle shape. You will then be able to click the orange "customize" to take you to the simple design program.

You will notice that some templates have the word “DECAL” on them. This is to signify that this area will be printed on a decal and applied. With this in mind, there can be colour differences between the direct print and decal because they are different machines and media. 

Below are examples of decals. The top of the Black Hog handle is a decal and the wrap around the top circle is a decal.

img-4032.jpeg   img-3955.jpeg 

If you order 30 or more tap handles, we are happy to help with your design FREE OF CHARGE.

Step 3: Place your order, upload your artwork and wait for us to send you back a proof. We usually have a proof back to you within the same day unless it is a weekend or Canadian holiday.

Step 4: Approve your artwork. If you do not receive an email, please search your junk mail.

Step 5: We produce. Depending on the quantity or extras, it normally takes 1-2 days to process.

Step 6: Shipping: We use Canada Post to ship Expedited.