Tap Handle Toppers

Tap Handle Toppers

Published by Karen Gendron on 2019 Mar 29th

Where would you be without your head?

Tap Handles don't require a topper, but if it makes your tap handle that much cooler, why wouldn't you add it?

We can customize any topper to your already custom tap handle. We have a variety of basic shapes to choose from, and with the ability to customize the topper as well as the tap handle, you'll have something that stands out.

Check out our basic shape pictures below: 

There is a round flat, round, triangle flat, triangle, square flat, square, flat face and custom.

These toppers are only appropriate for some tap handle shapes. We know we can place them on top of our square shape tap handle (Pints in the square). The flat face tap handle topper could also be placed on top of the flat slab tap handle (Grab a Slab).

Mix and match!

Top that.

Tap that.

Whatever. Drink beer. Drink cider. Drink kombucha. Drink coffee. Drink spirits. Did I leave anyone out?

Do you have a great idea for a topper? Let us know. We might be able to help you out.

You can check out the toppers on our sample tap handle here.

Round tap handle topper

flat face tap handle topper

round flat tap handle topper

triangle flat tap handle topper

square tap handle topper

square flat tap handle topper

triangle tap handle topper

custom tap handle topper