Full Custom Handles


We can add custom touches to one of our stock tap handles or we can start from scratch with your own custom shape.

Here's how we can add that custom touch to make your tap handles stand out. 

Custom Shapes

We start with a 1"x4"x12" slab of top quality maple hardwood that we can cut simple shapes into. 

- Minimum order of 30.

- Includes black, white or clear paint. Custom colours can be applied.


Custom colour

We can custom colour match any colour, including Pantone. Minimum order of 30. $50 charge minimum for custom paint.

Glossy embossing

- This gets added after the print. It adds a tactile feel and a very unique look at very little cost. 


Laser cut add ons

We can cut a variety of materials that can be added to existing shapes. This is great for adding dimension.


We can also cut toppers in plexiglass and direct print on them. They can be epoxy glued in place or left loose for quick beer changes.

topper.pngLooking to get even more creative? Check out Wylie Jack Tap handles. This is our full custom company.  Click here